Списание Осем

In search of the treasure

Geocaching event this weekend

Join a unique event that gives you the chance to look for hidden treasures yourself – amongst incredible rock phenomenon, several caves and breathtaking views near Karlukovo! Geocaching in the Stone Age will be held on the 14th and 15th of September, and the eager organizers will welcome the event on the 13th.


The event is about the already popular "geocaching" upon our land – a game, in which anyone could hide a box with a notebook and a pencil and different rewards in a random location and saves the coordinates with GPS. A picture or a description of the place might be added and so anybody with a registration on www.geocaching.com could seek for the published "cache" .


The organizers promise more than 15 berried treasures, entertaining games and interesting puzzles, lottery with prizes, chosen specially for the fans of adventures and great company of nice people with common ideas.