Списание Осем


Website terms of use

Please review the following rules carefully before using this website – www.spisanie8.bg. These Terms and conditions of use (hereinafter the "Terms") constitute a legal and binding AGREEMENT between you and Club 8 OOD governing your right to use this website services free of charge only for personal and noncommercial use by following the rules herein. By using or accessing this website, you agree to be bound by the Terms and any other additional changes of the Terms (as may be amended from time to time with or without advance notice) and to be obliged to follow them. If you do not agree with all the Terms hereinafter, please discontinue accessing and using this website.


I. Definitions
In these Terms, the following words and expressions shall have the following meaning:


"USER" – means the person using or accessing any of the website services


"SERVICE/SERVICES" of the website shall include the following service/s:
  • Access to the information resources/website data provided through a web browser;
  • Access to the comments and ratings in the website;
  • Creation and personalization of the users' profiles through registration allowing additional possibilities for an access to the information resources;
  • Receiving email – bulletins from the registered users of the site.


"THIRD PARTY ILL-TEMPERED ATTACKS" – any third party activity or inactivity which contradicts internet ethic rules including but not limited to server overload, server penetration, data theft and etc.


II. General terms
These general terms shall be applied only to the relations between you as User of the services of the website and Club 8 OOD.
You are entitled to use website services only for personal/noncommercial purpose. When adding an opinion/comment in the forum, you agree as follows: not to post any advertising messages, not to break the good manners and as well as not to offend the other participants in the discussion. Club 8 OOD shall not be held responsible for any of your opinions stated.


III. Intellectual property rights
All rights over the site are copyright. All intellectual property rights over the information resources and materials posted in the website are copyright in accordance with the Law on Copyright and Neighbouring Rights so as to use them without observing this law is an offence against the law which leads to civil, administrative and criminal responsibility pursuant to the applicable Bulgarian legislation.


IV. Confidentiality
Club 8 OOD undertakes to guarantee the inviolability of the information containing personal data which users provide online by filling registration applications. Disclosure could be possible only in case it is requested by the state authorities or any other officials empowered by the law to request and collect information which contains personal data and in accordance with the applicable regulations. Club 8 OOD shall have the right to provide the collected statistic information about the website traffic to advertising agencies making statistics about the clicks on their advertising banners and links, to prepare internal statistics and also for the purposes of the direct marketing.
By accepting these Terms the User agrees its personal data to be processed for the purposes of the direct marketing. The user is entitled to raise objections to the processing of its personal data for the purposes of the direct marketing by sending a written message to Club 8 OOD to its address or e-mail in contacts.


V. Limitation of liability
Club 8 OOD uses its best efforts to provide accurate and current information on its site, without excluding the possibility any discrepancies or lapses to occur accidentally. Club 8 OOD shall not be responsible for the consequences including any eventual damages caused by or connected by any means with the access, use or the impossibility to use this site. The whole information on the site is provided in accordance with the Bulgarian legislation in force without any guarantee by Club 8 OOD about its nondisclosure and safety from ill-tempered attacks of third parties.
Club 8 OOD shall not be responsible for the subjective perceptions and interpretations of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information resources of this site.
Club 8 OOD shall not be responsible for the information (including its completeness and authenticity) containing in web sites to which could be forwarded by this site.
Club 8 OOD has the right to receive compensation for any damage, cost and claim of third parties which is a result of the violation of these terms and/or undue use of the site services.


VI. Services requiring registration
Club 8 OOD reserves the right to give access to particular services after a compulsory registration. The services are:
  • A possibility of posting comments;
  • A possibility of adding avatar and user profile;
  • Receiving a bulletin with the site news.
You could receive full access to the sections of the site requiring registration free of charge if you create an individual user profile. In your profile, you undertake to submit full, correct, authentic and accurate information.
Club 8 OOD reserves the right to decide whether to give a profile (account) to the user, to remove or restrict user profiles which considers as unacceptable as well as in case that it has reasonable doubts about breaking the present Terms.
Club 8 OOD reserves the right to discontinue providing the above free services by posting a message in the site.


VII. Amendments
Club 8 OOD reserves the right to make changes in these Terms at any time and to duly post these changes in the site together with a message for the changes in the general terms.
Bulgarian legislation in force shall be applicable for all unsettled matters in the present general terms.
These general terms shall be in force considered as of 01.08.2010 г.