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Deepak Chopra comes to Bulgaria

After years of expectation the bestselling author, physician and philosopher will visit our country

When it comes to this unique person, it's difficult to define him because he's a strange mixture of the apparent contrast between the East and the West; the mysticism and the television popularity. One thing is sure, though - Deepak Chopra is the world's first urban guru. The simple language he uses to describe the inscrutable wisdom of the East to the people in the big Western cities, made Deepak Chopra one of the most renowned spiritual leaders of our time. In 1999 the "Time" magazine declared him one of the 100 most iconic figures of the XX century.

May 13, 2014 is the long expected day when the beloved author arrives in Bulgaria for his first seminar with the Bulgarian audience. The preparation for the event is in full swing. The organizers from Inspiretalks have provided many surprises and minor events before the Day. Everyone is invited to share their experience or to learn more about this mystical author.
The most important message of Deepak Chopra is to reunite with our own Self, lost among the 50,000 thoughts that go through our mind daily and then use its wisdom to say "yes" to all we want to attract in our life.

See more details about the event at the official site of Deepak Chopra: www.deepakchopra.com