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A breathtaking photo exhibition and screenings of the first film of Magazine 8

The climate change is a fact that threatens all of us! Although the Philippines are far away, what happened there is a warning for all the people from around the world.

GLOBAL WARNING is a short documentary about the effects of the global warming and specifically of the super typhoon Haiyan which hit the Phillipines on November 8, 2013, killing more than 6000 people. Magazine 8 is the only Bulgarian media that went on the place of the tragedy to document the Covered city - Takloban (capital of provence Leyte, most affected by the typhoon) 

What does the ruined city look like? Why must their outcry and call for action be heard by all of the human race? Can we save our planet?

The film is directed by Ganeta Sagova and Dobrin Kashavelov. Director of photography is Dobrin Kashavelov.
The film is produced by Club 8 Ltd.

GLOBAL WARNING is also the name of the photo exhibition of Dobrin Kashavelov, made during his stay in the Philippines. It opened on April 7 in "Credo bonum" gallery.

The full list of events:

April 7, 2014 at 6.30 pm - premiere of the short documentary and opening of the photo exhibition GLOBAL WARNING

April 7 - May 4, 2014 - screenings of the film and exhibition GLOBAL WARNING in "Credo bonum" gallery.

April 23 at 6 pm - discussion on the topic "The climate change in Bulgaria" in "Credo bonum" gallery with lectors Magdalena Maleeva from "Gorichka" and Georgi Stefanov from WWF.

Watch a trailer of the film here:



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