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The "Man of Faith" Documentary is finally here!

The movie about the famous healer Alex Orbito is now ready, thanks to more than 400 supporters

On 9. July 2017 the first full lenght documentary of Magazine 8 came to life. The premiere of "Man of Faith" took place in the National Palace of Culture in Sofia, Bulgaria, in front of more than 2500 people. Few months later the movie has nominations for several film festivals and one prize from ARFF Amsterdam / Around International Film Festival 2018. The future plans include few international cinema premieres after the end of the film festival phase, as well as TV premieres and internatinal DVD distribution.

The Documentary

Alex Orbito is one of the greatest healers of the 21st century. He has healed with a great success over 1 million people worldwide. The documentary tells the stories of people who visited the healer and have fully cured from diseases which conventional medicine considers being incurable. It presents the position of doctors, scientists and researchers who have been observing and exploring the phenomenon for years and trying to provide an explanation to it.

Where is hidden the key to health? When and why do we get sick? Can a person heal himself? How does quantum physics explain this phenomenon? These are some of the questions that the film seeks and answers.

"Man of faith" is a film about the strength of the human spirit and also about the love. About the great love of the small man from the distant Philippines and the little love in each of us, waiting to be awakened. The film will shock, provoke but at the same time will expand the minds of the people who watch it. Certainly, no one will leave indifferent after the screening.

With The Effort of More Than 400 People...

The work on the documentary has lasted almost 4 years. The production was made possible thanks to support of more than 400 donors. "Magazine 8", the producer of the movie, got to release the first ever Bulgarian documentary, created with a crowdfunding campaign. Thanks to CineCrowd more than 17 000 EUR were raised and two years after the end of the campaign the move has come to life.

The director of the documentary is Ganeta Sagova, editor in chief and establisher of "Magazine 8". Dobrin Kashavelov is the director of photography. This is their second documentary project together after the great success of their first movie "Global Warning", which has won second price for directing in 2014 at the well known documentary competition "Action4Climate". Among the jury members were Bernardo Bertolucci and Wim Wenders. Another successful movie of "Magazine 8" is "Torn flowers", which has won the "Best Film" award in the film festival "New Wave" in 2017.

Check out the official website of Man of Faith here.