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Mediterranean diet combined with nuts and olive oil protects the heart and the brain

It decreases the risk of a heart and brain stoke even with people having cardiovascular diseases

The low fat diet, with reduced percentage of fat, is not a guarantee against heart attack and insults with people suffering from cardiovascular troubles. A way better prevention is the Mediterranean diet combined with nuts and olive oil.


A research of specialists from the University of Navara (Spain) established that. The results are published in the online issue of 'Journal in neurology, neurosurgery and psychiatry'. The participants in the research, 522 men and women, age between 50 and 80, took part in it, so they can find out the best way of protecting themselves from heart attack.
Earlier this year, a team of researchers reported that the Mediterranean diet, combined with nuts and olive oil decreases the risk of cardiovascular troubles among people with high risk – with diabetes second type; a hereditary defective; overweight; not a good blood test and smokers.


The residents of the Mediterranean or those who stick to their traditional way of nutrition (the so called Mediterranean diet) use olive oil as a main source of fat and they eat loads of fruits, vegetables, nuts and cereals. Fish and sea foods are often used; also a moderate use of red wine, dairy products, and red meat.


Apart from being a good prophylaxis against stroke and infarct, the scientists established that with third age people, the Mediterranean diet combined with nuts and olive oil ameliorates the brain activities in comparison to diets which lack fat. Specifically it prevents dementia and Alzheimer.


In the beginning of the research, the participants were divided in three groups. The first one follows the Mediterranean diet combined with olive oil, the second one – the Mediterranean diet combined with nuts, and the third one is advised to follow a low fat diet, which is recommended as a protection against heart diseases and stroke.


The memory, concentration, awareness, orientation, abstract thinking and other brain activities of all participants was examined. To do this, they had to fill two tests. They showed that the brain activities of the first two groups, following the Mediterranean diet is fairly higher. The results remain the same even when the researchers exclude other factors such as age, education, physical activities and illness.



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