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Magazine 8 insists: Europe should take measures!

And decrease the permitted quantity of 6 E’s, which have proven to be hazardous

Magazine 8 insists that new scientific data is taken into consideration, and concentrations of the 6 E's, which have been proven hazardous, are decreased to safe levels! To make our voice heard, we sent an official letter to the Bulgarian institutions, which subsequently contacted EFSA and EC in order to complete a review of the regulations for these food additives. We also started a petition in order to urge the European institutions to reconsider the dosage of those 6 E's. Each participant makes our voice louder! Sign it here:


We have addressed our letter to the Food Agency, the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Economy and Energy, and the National Center of Public Health and Analyses. We have stated the facts established by the Bulgarian experts on genetics. As journalists with active public conscience, and as consumers, we asked the following specific questions to the institutions. Per se:  

In what way the new scientific information shall be taken into consideration by the institutions responsible for food safety and public health, respectively?   

What is the procedure for moving this information forward, so that in the end the regulation for the permissible concentrations of E's is made compliant with the new scientific facts?   

When can we expect for new statutory requirements, necessitating the decrease of the permissible concentrations of these additives to human health safety levels, to become effective   

What is the guarantee that no other DNA-damaging E's exist among all other hundreds of E's?   

In our letter, we insist on the following:   

1. A scientific procedure to be initiated for inspecting the health impact of all additives in their currently adopted concentrations.  
 According to the deliverables obtained thereof, a revaluation of their permissible quantity has to be made, so that it is compliant with the safety levels.   
3.  The review of the existing safety standards referring to the E's to be announced through media to the public.   
4. Changes have to be urgently introduced to the legislation and the sub-legislative statutory documents, which shall guarantee the practical application of new, safer standards regarding food additives, marked with Е.