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The egg or the chicken?

Which came first - the chicken or the egg, science actually knows the answer

In nature, the living creatures evolve from tiny changes in the DNA.
In animals like the common chicken, DNA from the sperm and the egg combine to create the zygote- the first cell in the new organism, in this case- a baby chicken.
After that, this cell breaks up countless times to form every living cell for the future creature. In every species, every cell contains the exact DNA, and it matches with the very first cell- the zygote.
According to the Evolutionism, chickens derived from non-chickens through little changes,
due to the mixture of the female and the male DNA, and the forming of the new fetus. These mutations have impact only in the beginning of the new zygote.
So basically this is the start: two non-chickens mate and the DNA of their zygote undergoes the mutations, taking responsibility for the hatching of the firstborn chicken. The parents of this creature were genetically very close to their child. After that, the natural selection has done its part and the mutations kept spreading, giving us a whole population of real life chickens.
Before this first zygote from the so-called first chicken, there were only ancestors nonchickens.
The zygote is the only place and time in life, in which a new animal can be created, and in chickens this forms in the egg.
So there you have it: the egg is first, the chicken comes next!