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Japanese cuddle with... tongue-eating parasites

Toy company releases a series of plushy copies of the blood thirsty animal

Isopoda is the name given to an order of crustaceans, which consists of more than 4500 spicies of sea, sweet water and land creatures, including the harmless pill bugs and the nightmarish Cymothoa exigua, which latches itself onto the tongue of a fish, drains all the blood out of it and then actually becomes the fish's new tongue. Just the kind of creature you'd love to cuddle up with at the end of the day?
Well, you may be not, but the Japanese people seem to like it because they invented a pillow isopod, announce www.fearnet.com.

It seems that giant Isopods have acheived enormous celebrity in Japan, which has led one company to create a realistic plushy version of the creature.
The toy is described as 'less grotesque than real ones' and 'soft and comfortable to the touch'.

photo: http://sfw.so                              photo: http://cdn.fearnet.com

For the strange-presents-lovers, we have happy news - the world's most horrifying stuffed animal is currently available on Amazon.com. You can purchase your very own tongue-eating isopod for $125. And  if the fact that you keep your mouth open at night is the only reason that deters you from buying a 55 cm long Isopod, don't worry - these bad boys aren't known to have a taste for human tongues!