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The mystery of Kutel - solve it!

The cup of the giants situated near the village of Rozovets is looking for an explanation

Prof. Valeria Fol, taking pictures of the Kutel. She is one of the scientists searching the true purpose of the phenomenon. According to her, it might be an ancient Thracian relic.

This strange cup of the giants is situated a few kilometers from the village of Rozovets, on the road to mount Bratan. The size of the cup is quite big- a whole person could easily fit in there.  Its proportions are extremely regular and the remains of another one are laying nearby. The local people call it "The Kutel", because it was widely believed to originate from the IX century and to have served for baptism. Nowadays, however, this version is considered doubtful, because the heavy object exhibits very complicated craftsmanship and is located deep in the forest, far from the rural area.

Аs described by the Shkorpil brothers, the Kutel was broken into pieces, but restored later in the 70s. It looks exactly like a cup with handles - s 1.5 m. high, 1.1 deep and its walls are 40 cm. thick. It even has its own peculiar cap- a millstone, which however became a stone pavement in the yard of an ill-wisher. About 30 m. further is located a Thracian megalith – one of a kind in this part of the country.


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