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Seeking: Atlantis

Nations from all over the world maintain the story of the legendary lost continent of Atlantis, whose inhabitants are believed to have possessed unique technologies

The search for the cradle of the mysterious civilization has been going on since Plato (427-347 BC) mentioned the mythical continen Atlantis in his dialogues „ Timaeus"and „Critias". He first learned about  it from the grandson of the notable philosopher Solon. In notes taken by Solon on his journeys he wrote that Egyptian priests from the city of Sais, told  him of a vast continent , which lay beyond the Pillars of Hercules (Strait of Giblatar), somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. The mysterious Atlantis was a mighty country with a powerful aristocracy and a highly advanced civilization. These perfect people possessed incredible  cientific and technological knowledge. However, 9000 years before the time of Plato Water had flooded all the land, destroying the rich country, leaving behind only an archipelago of islands.

Plato described  Atlantis as a great and powerful country, which had rashly embarked  on an invasion from the Atlantic sea towards a all of Europe and Asia. And in „Timaeus" he clarified:
„But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods and in a single day and night of misfortune…the island of Atlantis…disappeared in the depths of the sea".

Aristotle (384-322 BC), a student of Plato, was skeptical about the claims of his teacher. He saw them as Plato's vision of the ideal state. By doing so, Aristotle sowed the seeds of doubt about Atlantis's existence. The prominent philosopher Proclus testified, that sometime around 260 BC the Greek philosopher Crantor of Soli, visited Sais as well. There, in the temple of Net, he came upon a pillar with hieroglyphs inscribed on it. He had an Egyptian priest translate them to him and it turned out that they were a description of Atlantis, which corresponded with the one given by Plato.

And so, the debate over the existence of the mythical continent has been ceaselessly going on. Many have searched for it and many continue to search for it even today. It has evenbeen included in maps based on the descriptions of Plato. Atlantis has been indentified with America, The Scandinavian peninsula, Sri Lanka, Greenland. Some even consider the Sahara desert as a possibility, while Ps Jurgen Spanuth was certain that the mythical land was in the North sea.

The American James W. Mavor Jr. on the other hand suggests the Aegean Sea as another possibility, whereas the Bulgarian explorer Hristo Smolenov is in search of arguments supporting the theory that Atlantis was in the Black Sea. Paul Schliemann, the grandson of the archeologist who discovered the remains of Troy, published his in „New York American" in 1912 a theory suggestingthat Atlantis was located somewhere to the west of Ireland, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

Some people have looked for it at the bottom of the ocean, while others have concluded that it was situated on solid ground, perhaps somewhere in the city of Tartessos, Spain. In 1940, the psychic Edgar Cayce recounted his visions about Atlantis. Its inhabitants, according to him, had harnessed nuclear power and were in possession of advanced medical and aviation technologies.

While such wild guesses an speculations are abundant, the mystery of Atlantis remains unsolved. And yet, assuming for a moment that such country with highly developed technology, science and culture did in fact exist – then what happened to its people? People who believe in this assumption believe not all Atlantans perished in the cataclysm which befell their country. They assume that some of them m anaged to somehow reach the American continent, while others used boats to make their way to Europe, and then gave rise to the civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia and Peru. The following facts serve as evidence to support this claim:

- The myth of the great flood can be found in cultures on both sides of the ocean – perhaps that is how they preserved the memory of the fall of Atlantis.

- The pyramids in Egypt, Mesopotamia and Mexico have incredible architectural similarities. Is it possible that one and the same advanced civilization taught the natives how to build those massive structures? Or did nations thousands of kilometersapart,  obtain idependantly of one another identical knowledge and skills in science, art and architecture – in accordance with the principles of common psychological archetypes and the objective laws governing the development of society?

The legend of the White God in Mexico and Peru, could be viewed as another piece of evidence of the arrival of the Atlanteans on the American coast. The god of the Aztecs  Quetzalcoatl arrived from the land of the rising sun and bestowed upon the Indians the knowledge of construction and agriculture. He taught them different crafts, he gave them the firstlaws and founded their country. The Peruvian god Kon-Tiki Viracocha came from the east. The drawings in central America and the Peruvian Andes can also be considered as yet another evidence. Tiahuanaco – the capital of a highly advanced nation,which came from somewhere and then mysteriously died out, has given rise to further soeculations. The discussion have been going on for 25 centuries. Today the latest discoveries in oceanography, paleography, climatology, biology, geology, ethnology and ichthyology are of invaluable assistance to  scientists.

Atlantis, however, continues to guard its secrets.And as if this insurmountable mystery was not enough, there have been rumours of other lost civilizations veiled in secrecy. The are ancient accounts of lands, which have sunk and disappeared into the depths of the Indian and the Pasific Ocean. The Great Southern continent, the blessed land of Dilmun,the island of the Sun, the civilization Mu, Taprobana, Cascara – is there any truth in these legends?

The subject isinexhaustible.But even the slightest of glimpses back into the distant past reveals that we have  notbeen the sole civilization on Earth: megalithic monuments, the huge Nazca Lines, stone colossi, electrical batteries hundreds of years old, 15 - digit numbers, pyramids, old geographical maps with slight distortion of perspective, as if the land was observed from a great height, extraordinary astronomical knowledge... The list could go on forever.