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Thank you!

Say it often and say it for everything. This is a vibration that has the power to reach the finest planes of and to fulfil dreams.

Being thankful is one of the most powerful energies that have the power to transform our lives. It is a vibration that reaches the finer planes of this world – the place where dreams come true, where we connect with the Universe.

All religions and esoteric schools of thought are acquainted with its creative power. Perhaps it was with the purpose to unite the whole nation with the help of this constructive state of mind, that the pilgrims established Thanksgiving Day – the fourth Thursday of November.

However, anyone who wants to be the master of their own life and to live a life of joy and inspiration should be thankful 365 days of the year.In 2006 Joe Vitale, a participant in the movie "The Secret", published an article which went viral over the Internet. Over 5 million people read the story of "The world's most unusual therapist".

It is the story of a psychologist who cured his criminally insane patients without even examining them. His secret lay in three magical sentences he repeated incessantly: Forgive me! Thank you! I love you! (you can read more in "Zero Limits", 2011, Intense publishing - www.mrfire.com).

The psychologist is Doctor Ihaleakala Hew Len. From 1984 to 1987 he worked in a ward for criminals suffering from mental disorders in Hawaii. It is also known as custodial ward. The patients there are criminals who have committed serious crimes such as rapes, murders and physical assaults. They have serious psychological and mental disorders or were declared by the court as mentally incompetent – that includes schizophrenics, patients suffering from bipolar disorder, mentally retarded people, psychopaths and sociopaths.

Violence and hatred were common - attacks on staff members, fights amongst the patients, self-inflicted injuries, drugs and attempts at prison breaks happened literally every day. Prisoners could only go outside in chains on their legs and arms. The isolation rooms were packed and patients were being medicated with powerful drugs.

With the arrival of the extraordinary doctor the situation in the department gradually started to change. The isolation rooms remained empty; the patients became polite and considerate, and started taking part in social programmes. The amount of medication they were prescribed was reduced, the chains were removed and the cruelties in the department ceased.

What is doctor Len's secret?

Joe Vitale and dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len


According to the medical standards doctor Len was more than irresponsible - he refused to examine the patients, he did not diagnose or prescribe treatment... He did not even take part in the staff consultations.

Instead, he practiced ho'oponopono daily - an ancient Hawaiian method of healing.Literally "ho" means reason and "ponopono" - perfection. According to Vitale the whole word means doing the right thing, remedying a mistake. Ho'oponopono is similar to the new age movement theories that the world we live in is a consequence of our thoughts and concepts alone. We get what we think about.

When we have wrong kind of thoughts we go through a lot of trouble in our lives and vice versa. Thus, if a person wants to be in control of their life, they should first acknowledge the fact that they are 100% responsible for everything that has happened to them! Only then can they begin to transform their negative emotions, thoughts and beliefs.

According to the native Hawaiians, negative thoughts are the result of painful past memories. The problems which ensue are memories which are repeated again and again; they are programmes that come into our lives until we eliminate them. In order to liberate ourselves from the negative memories we have to send love and gratitude towards the higher power. This higher power hears and responds to us in a way that is beneficial for everyone.


The only thing that doctor Hew Len did in the psychiatric ward every day for 3 years was to constantly work on cleansing himself of the reasons, which had caused and manifested themselves in the destructive atmosphere in the ward.

While he was healing himself he was also healing the patients, the staff and the general atmosphere at the ward.  He was cleansing the mutual energy.He turned to the higher power with the words "I am sorry. Forgive me. Thank you! I love you!" He did this constantly.

Gratefulness is at the core of Buddhist philosophy. Every meditation of the ones seeking awakening has to include express gratitude towards the higher power (towards the enlightened ones, towards the absolute and relevant truth).

Professor Alexander Iliev, specialist in Buddhism and a consultant for magazine 8, says that in some meditations one can reach such a profound state of gratitude that a person would start crying from happiness. "During meditation the guru can bring to surface vivid memories of your mother – of her best years, your purest moments together.

A person has to thank their mother from deep within and grant her the purest place in their heart. After that people have to thank their father, their spiritual leaders and their friends in alphabetical order. Thus, with all this immense gratitude, a person builds their "army" of trusted people who give him strength and whom they can trust to bring them strength in life."


Gratefulness is a key stone in Hinduism as well. The myriad of deities, spirits and fairies Hindus believe in are all worshiped through gratitude. Daily, sometimes even twice a day, a Hindu would present the deities with offerings! For the Hindu and the Buddhists (and for the Christians as well) a meal would start with prayers and expressions of gratitude.

The same way a meditation without gratitude is considered worthless in the East, a prayer without gratitude in Christianity is "dry and fruitless." In order to better understand how important gratitude is we can recall the story about the 10 men suffering from leprosy (Luke 17:12-19). Jesus Christ visited a village where he met 10 men who had leprosy. When the men saw Jesus they called out to him with the words "Jesus, Master, have pity on us." Jesus took pity on them and told them "Go show yourselves to the priests". And he cleansed them.

However, only one of them came back to thank Jesus for his restored health. Then Jesus asked him - "Were not all ten cleansed? Where are the other nine? Has no one returned to give praise to God except this foreigner?... Rise  and go; your faith has made you well."

According to Orthodox Christianity, being grateful and seeing and appreciating the good in life which God or other people have done to you is the path to healing and spiritual growth. Unfortunately, the nine men who did not find it necessary to go back to our Saviour Jesus Christ did not find salvation. It is the same in real life.

Luck may come to us all but few of us can hold on to it for life. This can be achieved only through eternal gratitude coming from deep within. A highest form of gratitude in Christianity is the Holly Mass. During the Holly Mass the bread and wine are transformed into the body and blood of Jesus.  "Glory to God in the highest, and peace to his people on earth. Lord God, heavenly King, almighty God and Father, we worship you, we give you thanks, we praise you for your glory" the people sing.

In Lord's prayer, just like in prayers in all other religions and spiritual beliefs, gratitude comes before any request. The Orthodox priests preach that before asking God for anything we have to thank Him for his eternal benevolence and both plain and subtle acts of grace.


In Islam gratitude is among the highest virtues. When something good happens to a person, they should not fail to thank God. According to Muhammad's followers, abundance and good health are trials which God sends to test our gratitude.

When something unfortunate happens to a person they have to respond to it by being patient and they should look deep within themselves seeking the reason for this misfortune.


Peter Deunov teaches us to be thankful for everything. "Disease, suffering and poverty are God's ways of taking you into His hands and testing your love. You get angry and unhappy because you do not know that through this He is showing you a new path to love. Be thankful for everything: if you are sick, be grateful; if you are healthy, be grateful still; when you are dying, be grateful; when you are being born, be grateful."

"Gratefulness is the road to immortality, not ungratefulness – it brings death. Little is required from man to be immortal. If he is forever happy and grateful he is already immortal."

Deunov gives Socrates' life as an example of ultimate gratefulness. Socrates used to be a sweeper in Athens. When asked why he was sweeping, he would answer: "I am learning how to sweep all the dirt inside myself." He wanted to show that a person can be thankful for everything. He married Xanthippe, a woman known for her bad temper. No matter what she did to him, he always thanked her. She would pull his hair and shake his head, but he would calmly respond: "Thank you for shaking my head, so that I can think better." When she hit him on his back he would say: "Thank you for dusting my clothes." Finally, he said: "Thanks to Xanthippe I became a philosopher."

Socrat's wife pours the night pot in his neck.


There is nothing greater than being grateful. Why is that? What is the secret? Radiesthesia gives an explanation to those people looking for a rational solution. Research shows that love is the finest energy on Earth. This is why people in love tend to be absent-minded and dizzy but at the same time it would seem that they did not walk, but float in the air, radiating light.

According to Deunov if you are loved by someone, this means that you are loved by God. However, few people manage to keep this magnetic thrill in their lives. Loving all people purely and unconditionally is extremely hard. Even though it has been more than 2 millennia since Jesus unveiled the greatest secret on how to unite with God through love, few have managed to reach that level of spiritual awareness and evolution.

Even if we do not love unconditionally, we can easily learn how to be grateful. And after love, gratitude is the second most powerful vibration. That could probably explain why the most beautiful water crystals photographed by Masaru Emoto shot were formed with the words "love" and "gratitude." According to Deunov, gratitude leads the way to love, the way to God, the way to enlightenment. Deunov addresses all people who have set on this path with the words: "It is said that no eye has seen and no ear has heard such wonders as those God will bestow upon the grateful and the loving."

==== ===== ====== Peter Deunov's quotes ====== ===== ====

• Until now discontent and ingratitude were masters of man's life; from now on they shall become servants and contentment and gratitude will be the masters.

• When you meet a person, love the God in him, not the man, and say: "God, I am  ready to serve You because You gave me life. Thank you for everything that You have done for me." Then you will hear God's whisper: "Enter the realm of love and be blessed." This is how God and man become one; this is how a person can be happy and have inner peace."

• A hero is a person who is constantly thankful. The first step to loving is giving. You cannot call love anything that you do not give from yourself. You cannot call love that which does not appreciate the gifts of the soul.

• If you do not have gratitude within your heart you cannot enter God's kingdom.

• People are often interested whether they can see God and Christ. It depends on them alone. When they discard the ungratefulness and fill their hearts with gratitude, people will see Jesus and God.

• If a man thinks only about himself. He forgets that he has to serve the others.

• Gratitude leads to love. Without gratitude you cannot find the way to love.