Списание Осем

Stone for the friend

From gentle blue to violet – the fascinating azure of the Aquarius

Azure blue, which romantic poet has not been fascinated before the soft colour of the heavenly ether? Namely it is the reason for the rock's name – azure, the rock for Aquarius. The name comes from azure – a word which in different languages means blue and sky. For many, namely he is the rock symbol of friendship – since ancient times the tradition of giving azure to someone as a gift has been a sign for unconditional trust between two people – this diplomatic gift was much more trusted than promises. Today as well, it symbolises sincerity – like the true blue eyes, purity harmony, and understanding.
Also it was believed that it makes the owner of the rock more confident, wise and increases his intuition.
Its calming blue colour is good for the nervous system, brings back the inner harmony, helps to relieve depression. Eastern teachings have the same opinion, according to which, the blue rock balances yin and yang energies.
Our friendship with azure dates back to ancient times – a whole 6000 years, one of the first rocks turned into jewellery. In Egypt it was used for ritual figures, the Sumerians believed that the blue rock in their pocket provides the contribution of the gods. A legend exists, that the sky is blue, namely because there is a giant piece of azure above. Exceptionally valuable because of their similarities are the rocks containing pyrite – the metal ore shines like the stars, surrounded by azure blue of the night horizon…
In ancient India it was used in medicine. According to Ayurveda it strengthens the physical body, the mind and the consciousness. Romans, on the other hand gave it as a reward to their heroes, who showed bravery, and believed that it acts as an aphrodisiac. In Pamir, even today, it is used as a healer for wounds and against altitude sickness, and during 1955, the Greek pharmacologist Dioscorides recommends it as an antidote to venomous snakes. After it undergoes a specialised treatment, it also can be used as a food supplement – the unique candies ''Alkermes'' are made with shredded azure.
One of its most spectacular uses can be seen in Russia...

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