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Around the world in one day

One initiative brought together bicycles, runners and drivers


Around the world in 80 days was a real challenge for Phileas Fogg in Jules Vern's unforgettable novel. Something similar, but just for one day, was the goal for the enthusiasts this Sunday. Even though they didn't succeed, they manage to travel the impressing 1753 km most of which were Opel ADAM's special merits. They became part of a similar world initiative, so they can gather a little bit more than 40 000 km, which mark the symbolical trip around the world.

On June 9, Hilton was host of the charitable event. 'Around the world in one day' had a goal - to gather as much kilometers as possible so the trip around the world could be performed twice in one day.

The event brought together more than 350 people and 70 children, who took part in the games, so money could be gather for the young people in need, supported by Cedar Foundation.

In the South Park, the task of all participants was to help increase the number of kilometers with the help of a bike, given by 'Drag', running, or by foot. The most stylish way to accomplish the task was given by Opel ADAM. More than 100 people raised the number of kilometers by having the privilege to drive three of the cars.

The three models of the car represented 'world's mood'. ADAM JAM or the dark blue 'Pump up the Blue' with white roof 'White my Fire' suited people with sense of style and funky character. ADAM SLAM or the yellow 'James Blonde' with black roof 'I'll be Black' suited naturally more athletic people; and ADAM GLAM, or as the guests called him 'the blueberry', even though it's colour is called 'Purple Fiction', with it's elegance and roof made of glass, came natural for the ladies with fine taste and a drop of maturity.


Opel ADAM is an urban car subject of individualization with virtually unlimited options to

configure the customers.


Bogdan Tomov, host of the event, helped for the good spirit of the guests. The grand prize from the lottery, won by Opel's guest, represented 4 days stay in Hilton Glasgow. Another dozen of lucky fellows won some prizes from Hilton Sofia – a Sunday brunch, an overnight in Hilton Sofia, a sport center membership and more. Professional children animators from Wonder Group took care of the children while the parents were enjoying the barbecue in Hilton's Garden. There was also an inflatable castle – a real amusement for the kids, who drew pictures on the subject 'Around the world in one day'



Additional information about Opel ADAM

With the brand new ADAM, Opel enters the growing 'lifestyle' segment of the small vehicle class size. The short and muscle carriage of ADAM is 3.70m long and 1.72m wide (not including the side mirrors). Those characteristics make the three-door hatchback more than perfect to drive in an urban area. In the meantime, the capabilities and attitude of ADAM on the road are incredible not just in urban areas. Thanks to a specially tuned chassis and steering, designed to achieve maximum pleasure and performance. Interior of ADAM offers comfortable accommodation for four adults who can enjoy the atmosphere inspired by senior class vehicle. The driver and the front passenger enjoy the comfort of an exclusive spaciousness, atypical for a small car space. The interior of ADAM can also be tailored to maximize personal style of the owner using the rich variety of colours, decorative elements, and stylish trim of the ceiling and lighting effects.


Opel ADAM offers a number of highly technological solutions, typical for higher class vehicles. The new info-entertaining system IntelliLink, makes the use and integration of a smart phone in the vehicle possible (that includes phones using the operational systems Android and Apple iOS), and also classifies the new model among one of the best vehicles connected with the web. Yet other advantages, showing the perfect compatibility of ADAM with the urban setting, is the new parking system, Park Assist, which is capable to park the vehicle automatically; a warning system where other participants are available in the bling spot of the driver (Side Blind Spot Alert); and power steering, including a special "light" mode CITY.


Additional information for the initiative 'Around the world in one day'
In June, employees from over 120 Hilton Hotels in 18 countries and their partners in the charitable initiative will try to travel the distance of 40 075, 16 km (one tour around the world), two times in one day.
The initiative starts in 2007, and from that moment it gathered €629 104 in support of 307 causes which help children in need. The initiative is a great way for the Hilton Hotels to help the local communities. 



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