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Magazine 8 is creating a film about Alex Orbito, one of the greatest healers of our time

Become part of our team! The documentary feature film "Man of Faith" for the great Filipino healer Alex Orbito, who performs surgeries with his bare hands, and saves terminally ill patients, is almost complete. The film is now in post-production, and additional financing is necessary for its completion. The team elected to seek assistance by the future audience of the film through the crowdfunding platform for filmmakers Cinecrowd.com, because we believe that a true film for the people will be supported by the people.

"I was afraid I will have cancer. I was afraid I will die in pain, as my mother did. Sometimes fear took over my entire body and left me numb…", remembers Ganeta Sagova, the film director and Editor-in-Chief of Magazine 8.

"I continued to feel like this until the autumn of 2012, when I met the 74-years old Filipino man Alex Orbito. I have heard all types of incredible stories about him: the he is a saint - he performed surgeries with his bare hands, and healed incurable diseases. I passed him a note, which said 'fear of cancer' and I lay down, trembling.
Alex caressed me, then he put his hands inside my abdomen - in the area of my ovaries. I have never told anybody this was where my mother's tumor has been. I heard a noise „pop-pop", and Alex removed a clot from my body.

The next day he repeated the surgery. My fear was gone forever! Alex also healed my varicose vein in my left leg, and the disc hernia in my sacrum...

I am a witness of the surgeries, which science has not been able to explain, and which saved the life of my friend Sonya, who had cervix cancer, Claudine and dozens or even hundreds of people, who have come to the Philippines from all over the world.

What kind of miracle is this? How do Filipino healers perform surgeries with their bare hands? Where to they draw this endless supply of love, which helps them change fates, and outline new horizons?

The next year I visited the Philippines again, as I did the next, and the one after that. The world had to find out the truth about Alex. The truth about the power of love and faith. And this is how the concept of the documentary "Man of Faith" was created".

The film will show footage of bare hands surgeries in close-ups, some of which intentionally presented from the point of view of a single camera, without any editing. We will tell you about some of the many stories we have recorded of people who have been cured from disease considered incurable by conventional medicine. The camera will let you meet doctors, scientists and researchers, who have observed and studied this phenomenon, and are trying to explain it to you.

You will see with your own eyes – again only using his bare hands – how Alex materializes and extracts "black magic". This is all real, true, alive, and it happens not far away from us, in our planet.

Alex has treated with enormous success more than 1 million people, despite not having cured fully all the people who come to him to seek his aid. The ones who say goodbye to their horrible diagnoses are people who are not hesitant to change and to live their own life, to love and be loved.

"Man of Faith" is also a film about Love. The big love of the small man from the distant Philippines, and the small love in each of us, awaiting the time of its awakening. The film will shock, provoke, but also extend the consciousness of people who see it.

The filming stage is done, but post-production is starting just now. In order to complete the editing and processing, the film needs more funds. The team has elected to seek the assistance of future audience through the the crowdfunding platform for filmmakers Cinecrowd.com, because of the belief that a real film about people has to be supported by the people. The more our friends find about about the movie, the higher the chance of our success in making it happen.

Crowdfunding is a relatively new concept for alternative means of fund raising, where a group of people, supporters and fans support the realization of their favorite projects or products in which they believe and which they like, using small or larger amounts, and as a substitute they receive presents of a different nature, always related to the project.

Our campaign starts on August 28 in Cinecrowd.com! Share with your friends and with the people you know the official website of the film "Man of Faith"! Each person who supports the creation of this film, regardless of the sum contributed, shall become a member of the team, and shall receive select and not included in the production scenes,
posters, CDs, and many other prizes!

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