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Photos: Jeannine Govaers www.jeanninegovaers.com
Photos: Jeannine Govaers www.jeanninegovaers.com
"Fear of cancer, gall, liver and veins". Those were my complaints, written down on a small piece of paper, which the associate of Alex Orbito gave to him and read aloud. I was lying on the white sheets in a bed in the middle of a room and I was almost trembling with fear and anxiety, despite the typical heat for the Philippines outside.

I kept praying to Jesus.
 'Fear of cancer', the healer repeated. 'So we start with the head and the heart.' He scratched my forehead, and then my left side, just below the breasts. Then something inexplicable happened – he penetrated with his hand without scalpel, without a cut, in the area of the uterus – right where my fears have gathered.  

Alex can treat people without surgery and he has been doing this just as a proof to Westerners.
 No one has told him that years ago my mother died after a long period of illness – cervical cancer. During this time, I visited a fortuneteller and she informed me that I will contract the same illness. From that time on, I kept living in constant fear. Fear, which seized my mind at every opportunity, and left my body paralyzed.  Fear that I could leave two children without their mother. Fear that I become convinced had I failed to remove, would one day trigger a self-fulfilling program. And maybe it has already triggered it… 

I kept praying to Jesus Christ to help me. I knew Alex Orbito heals with his light and the powers of God. His fingers were in my abdomen. I felt them. No pain, though. I could hear the unpleasant sound of my entrails moving about. "Pop, pop, pop…" Yes, he was indeed inside my abdomen… I wanted to see what he would do, what he will take out from my insides. But my deep respect to this holy man and to God halted my curiosity. 

After no more than a minute has passed, the healer moved his hand over the wound. I knew immediately that it has sealed itself and has disappeared as if by magic, the same way it has appeared. I have seen the film of that French TV channel about Alex and the Internet videos, and I also knew from the tales of other people about what's going on in the Philippines. 

Then Alex Orbito moved to the area of my liver. His fingers once again went deep inside my body – about five fingers right of my plexus. I clearly realized that what was happening was a miracle. Magic that science had no explanation for, unless it accepted the existence of Heavens, and of God. But I believed, and so I kept praying to Jesus. 

Very quickly the healer closed this opening as well. Then he moved to the feet. He scratched one foot, then the other – where my varicose veins had been. It lasted mere seconds.
 And when it was all over, he pressed his palm against my forehead, and then against my heart chakra. A wave washed over my whole body – a wave of warmth and tenderness, a wave of joy and love words could not explain. I wanted this moment to last forever. The experience could only be compared to the mother's embrace which dispels all worry and gives you wings to fly with. This magical energy has washed away all of my fears and anxiety. I could not hold back my tears anymore and I started crying. 

'And stop praying' – Alex said all of a sudden. 'You will never have cancer. It's over. Remember this. Never!'  How was he able to figure out I was praying to Jesus? Whose words were these anyway? 'Thank you, thank you so much', I was barely able to whisper through my tears…  And now, six months later, my varicose veins have disappeared, my gall did not hurt at all, and there is not even a trace left of my fears.  


Alex Orbito is one of the few phenomena of ХХ and ХХI century still alive today. He is a true saint and a healer! In his 50-year practice, he has helped more than 1 million people from 77 countries. At least 5 presidents, a king and several prime ministers are among them.

Alex always starts his healing sessions with a concentrated prayer. Then he feels a channel is opened inside him, and his personality gets shifted aside. Then powerful energy is channeled through him, mostly through his hands, and this energy is passed to his patient.

It is not clear how exactly his hand penetrates the body of the patient without any cuts and a scalpel, but when it does, Alex says that his right hand converts into negative energy magnet. Negative energy is collected and materialized. At a given time he feels a sting as if from electivity – a sign that the materialized negative energy has to be left out. Afterwards he just moves his hands over the wound and it closes on its own, leaving just a faint red
trace after itself, which usually disappears later. Body penetration treatment is practiced by Alex Orbito only in the Philippines, because this practice has been legalized by the government there, and also because of the proven effect it has – improvements in 90% of the cases! It is really difficult for science to explain exactly what is going on during the mystical healing, but precise statistics exists of the condition of the patients. It unequivocally proves that Alex Orbito has healed and has helped thousands of people, including hopeless cases, fully rejected by traditional medicine. 

A study of the Canadian doctor Lee Pulos, creator of the first University of Holistic Medicine, for example, indicates that following the effect of Alex's treatment, 60% of the terminally ill oncology patients continue their life for more than five years, which according to the medical standards of WHO means they have been healed.

A study of the German physician Sigrid Soetemann provides details regarding the effectiveness of this treatment over time. Sigrid has interviewed 1 200 patients of Alex Orbito. 216 of them have failed to complete all documents and consequently have been excluded from the study group. The remaining 984 people respond in the following manner:

· 2.4 % have been immediately or spontaneously healed
· 12.2 %
feel an improvement within a fortnight
· 36.6 %
report an improvement during the first month of the treatment
· 36.6 %
have improvement from the 3rd to the 6th month
· 12.2 %
have not improved their condition.  

According to the researcher, these numbers showcase the effectiveness of psychic surgeries outside of the framework of the so-called placebo effect.
 Alex Orbito has taken part in laboratory studies in Sweden, Germany, France, Canada, Japan, the Philippines. Numerous scientists confirm his healing skills. 

Amongst them are the German physicist and chemist Alfred Stelter, the Japanese researcher Doctor Kenzo Yamamoto, the American bio-chemist Doctor Donald Westerbecke, the Danish neurologist Doctor Yan van Hemmert, et. al. More than 20 books have been dedicated to Alex Orbito. Shirley Maclaine, the renowned actress and author, describes her experiences with him in her book "Going Within"    


This is what the bestseller's author shares in her book: "I opened my eyes, I looked to Alex and I nodded:
'Come on', I told him. 'I am ready'.  Before I could finish with "I am ready", his hands went down to my pancreas and before I knew it, they were already inside my body, and he was removing what he called "negative energy clots".

I wanted to tell him that these were the residues of the sundae I ate the day before, but I found this type of humor inappropriate for the occasion. I could not make myself look down to his hands, which were inside me… Alex took his hands out of the area around the pancreas.

'Kidneys and colon', he said and before I managed to object, my pants were already down, and his hands were slightly massaging my skin just below the navel. Just three seconds in, both his hands were inside my abdomen to the wrists… I did not feel pain – just pressure. Some burbling sounds came out when while my blood and insides have been repeatedly moved from one side to another. (Words fail me when trying to describe this procedure.) He took out more "negative stress clots", and soon afterwards he removed his hands, first the right, then the left hand.

Again, his wife wiped the blood off my stomach with lint, dipped in alcohol. Their friend took the plastic bowl and went to the bathroom to throw it away, then came back. Alex had his head down and it looked as if he was out of his trance. He straightened up.
 'It is alright now, yes?' he asked cheerfully. I nodded. I was at a loss for words. He went out of the room, as if he was preparing himself for lunch. I got out of bed and I went to the bathroom. I sat on the bath tub, I couldn't take it anymore, and I started crying…

Among the surgeries I saw, there was one when he removed tumors from lungs and abdomens. He extracted a tooth with his fingers and stopped the bleeding. He removed cysts and tumors from any parts of the body".
 Alex Orbito shares with Shirley Maclaine: "People need proof that they have been cured, and I give it to them. I do not need to enter the body. I can heal with magnetism. I do not need to take something out for people to be cured. But Westerners think they need this sort of physical confirmation to allow themselves to be healed spiritually, and that is why I give it to them". 


In Sofia I had the pleasure of meeting a doctor, who had no doubts whatsoever in the healing gift of Alex – doctor  N. P., a leading eye and plastic surgeon, with a very successful career abroad. Doctor P. found out about Alex from a documentary of the French channel TV5. While watching, her daughter thought of someone close to them, who has very sick. The boy is left without spleen due to doctor's error. He has an excess expansion of part of the blood cells – the thrombocytes. As a result his blood thickened. He has a shortage of marrow…

The only thing conventional medicine offered him was life support with "Interferon", which however does not offer any treatment, just delays the disease. The boy is in depression. P. offered him to go the Philippines, and he refused. A whole year passes before he takes the decision to undergo therapy with the mystical healer. He is now alive and well, currently a mountain climber/
 This is how the first meeting of N.P. with the phenomenon happened. It was a meeting which changed her life.

"The fact that I am a doctor does not mean I reject what Alex Orbito is doing – quite on the contrary, it allows me to be fully aware of what medicine could and could not do. At the same time I can see with my own eyes the benefit of the treatment of Alex Orbito, the types of diagnoses he deals with! It is for this reason that I myself bring personally or refer patients to him".

Doctor N. P. has told us the incredible story of a business woman from Paris, who 35 years ago had brain cancer. In her terminal stage, almost immobilized, she got on a plane to the Philippines and found Alex. She is initially afraid of his surgeries, which she has only heard of, and she asks her husband to undergo treatment first. Afterwards she allowed Alex to heal her. 21 days non-stop the fingers of the healer keep coming into her head and clean out all negative things. And the French lady recovers fully! The treatment and the talks with Alex change her whole life fundamentally.

She only starts doing what her soul has always wanted. She moves to live in Palma de Mallorca – the place she has always dreamed of. She acquires three higher education degrees. She has refreshment courses to keep her up-to-date. She is now a happy and fulfilled woman, age 70. Sometimes she travels with Alex to give courage to other ill people.
 Another case is the meeting with another woman - very pale, her head balding, her abdomen – protruding - with a tumor, which has had metastasis in the abdomen area. Due to her critical condition, everyone in the queue allowed her to go to Alex first ... 6 months later, doctor P. noticed a familiar face among Alex's patients. 

'Have I seen you somewhere?' she asked the lady. And then suddenly she realized she already has – the very ill woman. But this time she was not ill – she was in good health and she was smiling.  

This is what Kameliya Stancheva, one of the Bulgarians who has had the wonderful luck to get healed by Alex Orbito, shared with Magazine 8: "I have seen video clips of the healer, and the bloodless surgeries. To be honest, I did question them. Until I met Alex. I have been an avid smoker for 27 years now. The problem that I had to go and solve was very heavy depression. The first thing, however, that Doctor Orbito achieved, was heal my lungs.

'You smoke too much', he said and "cut through" my breasts. The feeling
 was as if a ton of dust that I have accumulated over the years came out of my lungs. Then there was lightness. I have not yet stopped smoking, but I did tone my smoking down – something I have failed to do even when I was pregnant.

The next movement that Alex did was to "operate" on my heart. Then he immediately penetrated the solar plexus – where they believe the soul resides. His hands sank deep, and the noise was scary. "Bubbling". But the feeling of lightness that I left the room with, remained with me. I felt at ease, the world changed its colors. My energy came back, and my rampaging thoughts subsided. I am thankful for having the opportunity to meet this man. He opened my mind toward love – the love of Christ, that I have lost somewhere along the way. I have seen many true Christians, but Alex Orbito definitely expresses this Christian Love, that hitherto I have only read about".

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