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Alex Orbito: I have treated one million people

Interview with the famous Philippine healer for whom Magazine 8 is making a film

The interview with Alex Orbito can be found in issue 9/2012
The interview with Alex Orbito can be found in issue 9/2012
'Mr. Orbito, will you show us the scar of your first surgery that you did yourself to find out how things happened?'  
'Do you really want to see it? Alright, I will show you' (Orbito lifts his shirt and shows us a scar about 10 cm. long in the abdomen area.) 

'Why do you have a scar?'  
'Because back then I did not believe in what I was doing. People who do not believe in this type of treatment could have a scar. The less they believe, the bigger the scar. The people whose belief is strong have no mark whatsoever from their treatment . (He laughs...) 

'So the belief of your patients is of great importance?'  
'It is important for the end result, because it is the energy of Christ. I am just a tool, through which people can get healed. The belief allows the body to heal itself'.

'Diseases are usually caused by lifestyle and mentality. Does this mean that if people do not intensify their faith, if they fail to change to the better, the disease could return after your treatment?'
'Yes, it does mean that. And that is why I keep repeating over and over that people have to have positive thoughts and to pray to God, and not allow negativism to return to their minds'. 

'How many psychic surgeons like you exist in the world?'
'I do not know about the world, but there is about ten of us in the Philippines. However, of the ones who are true conduits to the spiritual world, to my knowledge, there is just three of us'.  

'How do you see the future of this type of healing? Could it be taught? Could one of your students learn to perform surgery as you do?'
'I teach the basics of magnetic healing, but the students need to have their own connection to and the blessing of God. But I think that the psychic surgery will one day disappear. Gradually new forms of treatment will appear, miracles, wonderful things will come forth. A new generation will come with new skills and new blessings.  

'What is the relationship of doctors of conventional medicine to you?'
'More and more doctors come over to the Philippines. Many more than before. And their attitude is different. In the beginning, from 1972 to 1979, they would come in large groups, because they were curious about what I have been doing. When I asked them back then – "Do you believe in God?", they replied "No, we are scientists". I now ask the same question, and the answer is different. "Yes, I do, and that is why I am a doctor". Before they came to study me, now they come to study with me'.  

This is where the discussion is joined by Marika Verheijen, assistant to Alex Orbito:

'Alex has always been open to doctors and scientists. In the last 15 years that I have been working with him, he regularly undergoes treatments in different hospitals and institutes, which have been willing to learn. In the international laboratory of biophysics in Neuss, Germany, a major study has been conducted of what happened prior to, during and after the surgery that Alex has performed. He has been observed for 5 years, and they completed almost 100 studies. Some of them have been published in medical journals, but a large part of them remained closed. On the one hand researchers are very impressed, but on the other hand the topic remains a taboo. One professor was even threatened with being dismissed due to a published report of research work on Alex Orbito. 

'How many people have you healed?'  
'I have been in 77 countries and I have treated around 1 million people. In the Philippines, I have thousands of patients I have worked with since I was 14-years old. No one has perished on my surgery slab.

'You have healed some very important people. Will you tell us the names of some of them?'
'I have treated all kinds of people. Some of the more known ones are the President of the Philippines, the Presidents of Kazakhstan, Abu Dhabi, Venezuela, the Dominican Republic, the wife of the President of Costa Rica, et. al. But this is not important to me. For me they are just people, like everybody else.  

'Have you ever wanted to give up on healing?'
'Yes, I would like to. You know I tried to stop when I was 18. Then I healed people and they only gave me eggs. One day I had to walk home 8 km. in the rain. Then I decided to give it up. But I have been convicted of something I did not do. and I spent some time in prison… Afterwards I become really sick, it was November 5-th, I could not move. Then I started praying to God. God told me to go home and start healing people again, and I would be whole again. So I did, and my mother was ill. I immediately started treating her, and she got better. I have not stopped since then. I let myself to the Holy Spirit to lead me in what I do. I hope I will one day be a regular person, like you. It is not easy being a healer, but I continue to be as God created me to be on this planet. 

'Do you feel exhausted when you treat people?' 
'I do, but I have a bit of a rest, I meditate, and this is how I regain my strength. Sometimes my spiritual sister Marika gives me energy. Also it depends on who I am talking to. Sometimes if the journalists are not as friendly as you are, but are instead hostile and attack me, I get tired. Then the energy of the spirit, which passes through me, recharges me and gives me strength.

'What is the black substance you take out of people when you perform surgery on them?'  
'This is negative energy. When I put my hands on top of someone's body, I do not know what I am looking for. I am not a doctor, I do not know what is wrong with the body. But I allow the negative energy in the body to materialize, and I take it out.

'Has this matter been studied?'  

Marika Verheijen:
'Many times. And every time it shows something different. The most incredible thing is that the moment it is taken out of the body, it starts transforming and disappears in a couple of days'  

In a laboratory in Manila they did a study in which they concluded it was human tissue. In another laboratory in Paris they said it was of unknown origin. In the Philippines a journalist, who is now a Vice-President, came over with cameras and special equipment and they obtained the substance immediately at the time it was taken out. They placed it in special containers and they studied it… But it was more a way of showing that the surgery was not an illusion, a trick, which uses animal blood, etc. 

'In your opinion, what is happening right now on our Planet – in the year 2012?' 
'I believe that this year, 2012, is the last year of a cycle – a cycle of old ways and habits. Old karma will be cleansed. A new cycle is coming, new life, new connection to God. That is why I keep telling people to pray, so that we can be united as one. I've always said we are all one, and that is the only way to create a new planet! The prediction of the Mayans for the end of the world is not something to be overlooked, but I believe that if we are united and connected to the spirit, this prediction will not come true. Many people come to The Philippines, to the Pyramid of Light that we have built, to unite, to pray to God for the creation of a new world.

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